About Me

Alex Katz is a speaker, fitness professional, ninja warrior athlete, nonprofit director, and creator of Mind Body Breakthrough. She combines over six years of professional experience in both the mental health and fitness worlds with her own experiences overcoming childhood trauma, homelessness and a broken back, to provide a holistic and trauma-informed approach to wellness and behavior change. Alex empowers women to shred the should shame, battle their villain thoughts, and skill up their lives.


Her favorite speaking topics include teaching women to build unbreakable mental and physical strength, break free from diet culture, tap into their inner resilience, and become the most confident version of themselves. When she’s not speaking or coaching, Alex can be found playing with her rescue pups, Ninja and Spartan. 

Presentation and Workshop Topics 

Shred the Should

 The word “should” causes unnecessary stress and feelings of failure, while simultaneously holding you back from the things you want and deserve in life. Get ready to learn tangible steps to shred the should shame so that you can level up your life and become the happiest, most successful version of yourself. 

From Stress to Success

You can't always rely on motivation to help you reach your goals, especially when stress, burnout and instability are high. Prolonged stress, decreased boundaries and increased burnout are especially common during the pandemic, and can have long term health consequences. It's important to learn how to reach your goals AND maintain health. Your habits, boundaries and self talk are critical to staying consistent and achieving success, which is why I teach busy professionals habit, productivity and mindfulness tools to help you reach your goals faster, with less stress, less burnout and more success. 


Be You Breakthrough

The diet industry is a $72 billion dollar industry that profits off of creating and perpetuating insecurities. According to a survey by Dove Beauty, "79 percent of young girls and 85 percent of adult women report opting out of important life events because they don’t believe they look good enough." Constantly being at war with yourself and your body is EXHAUSTING, makes you feel powerless, and holds you back from fully living your life. My job is to help you build body confidence and take your power back.


Bounce Back

Life happens. It can happen to you or it can happen for you. The difference is in your mindset. This presentation will give you the tools you need to reframe situations, and rewire your brain for resilience, while improving your mental, emotional and physical health.



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